Miscellaneous Stock & New Arrivals (June 2021 )

For canoeing: Paddles to make that important connection to the water: Aluminum shaft/plastic blades_Carlisle and Mohawk brands *** All wood paddles from Quessy & Grey Owl *** Carbon shaft/ plastic or Kevlar/carbon blades for white water —–

Just Received: a selection of Cherry wood Otter-tail and Beaver-tail paddles from Quessy -from Junior lengths to Adult sizes up to 63 inches.

Wooden carry yokes, wood-web seats, thwarts & seat hangers *** North Water Foam saddles for white water canoes *** D-ring anchors *** foam knee pads *** Thigh straps & adhesives: Vinyl Tec 2000 or Scotch Weld 2 part adhesive.

For Kayaking: Brooks Neoprene spray skirts & nylon cockpit covers, Scottie Pumps with float collar, North Water Paddle floats, Regulation 15m rope throw bags from $29.95 , Sea kayak paddles with f/g shaft, plastic blades from $115.00. Lockup your kayak with Lasso ™ Security Cables “Cong Cable ” combination or key lock system $79.95 *** North Water under deck pouch kit.

For more details, call /text or e-mail David (604-240-0503 or <david@middletonsboats.com >