Canoe & Kayak Rentals , by the day

We have a small fleet of different models of mostly 17ft flat water canoes and sea kayaks. Due the recent high demand, we suggest you plan ahead and you may reserve a boat or 2 one or several weeks ahead, in order to have a suitable model.

Clipper Ranger 17ft Fibreglass

Our canoes consist of Clipper Ranger 17’s, Clipper Prospector 17ft 2ins, Hellman Prospectors 17ft6ins, Old Town Discovery series 169 ( length 16ft 9ins ), Hellman Quetico 16ft2 ins (only 49lbs !) and white water models from Esquif Prospecteurs 16 Royalex outfitted with floatation bags.

Our 2020-2021 Rental Rates: Flat Water 1 day (minimum) $50.00, 2 days $80.00, 3 days $110.00, 4 days $140.00, 5 days $165.00, 6 days $ 190.00, 7 days $210.00 White Water canoes include 3 floatation bags, helmets, large throw rope bag, 3 paddles per canoe ,PFDs (life vests ), bailer , painters (float rope) and tie-downs for your vehicle. Please no pickup trucks unless you have a frame or cap to carry canoes or kayaks horizontally. White water rental rates, subject to qualified paddlers’ skills are: 1 day (minimum) $70.00, 2 days $120.00, 3 days $160.00, 4 days $190.00, 5 days $220.00, 7 days $290.00 …………………..Taxes extra.

Sea kayaks: We have only 2 BorĂ©al Design fibreglass singles; 1 -16ft Norwhal 24″ wide and 1-17ft Alvik, 23 ” wide, both having 2 hatches each and rudders.

Our 2 double sea kayaks are Nimbus 18ft 3 ins x 28 inches wide low volume Kanaka Kevlar (weight 69 lbs ! ) and one Nimbus Hyak 19ft 2 inches fibreglass, larger volume, 2 hatches and rudder. All double rentals are supplied with 3 paddles each, two neoprene spray skirts, PFDs (life vests) regulation rope bags , paddle float and pump, cam straps and foam pads for car roof transportation. we will help you load and show strap down methods.

Our Single’s Rates are: 1 day minimum $65.00, 2 days $100.00, 3 days $135.00, 4 days $170.00. Our Doubles rates are 1. day minimum $75.00, 2 days $130.00, 3 days 160.00, 4 days $190.00, 1 week $280.00. …Taxes extra.

NOTE: For single kayak rental, renter must prove that he or she has taken wet exit recovery training. We reserve the right to refuse rentals to anyone deemed not skilled enough to paddle safely. It is your life and our liability ! You must have appropriate clothing to protect yourself from hyperthermia ! You may contact David by phone, text or e-mail.

Cell…………. 604-240-0503 ………. <ldavidmiddleton@ >


This past summer, our double kayaks went on trips to Telegraph Cove, Granite Falls in Indian Arm , Anvil Island in Howe Sound and up Pitt Lake.


We caution paddlers about extreme wind conditions that are known to occur in Howe Sound, in Pitt Lake and Harrison Lake. Please, always check the weather forecasts. and when travelling any distance on water, take food , a change of clothes and camping gear to stay overnight in the event of bad weather and high waves