Hellman Canoes with prices for 2024

Hellman Canoes offer10 Models! to meet a wide variety of paddlers’ desires:… from Casual paddling, fishing, family recreation, multi-day tripping to white water play boats and river tripping……..contact Middleton’s for more details

17ft6ins. Prospector: available in the basic “Duralite ” 56 lbs. layup $2,600.00 … in Kevlar $3,500.00, Carbon $4,200 or Duratuff (heavy duty layup) $2,800.00

17ft 9ins Slocan for whitewater tripping; basic Duralite 64 lbs layup $2,700.00… in Kevlar $3,600.00…Duratuff (heavy duty layup ) $2,900.00

17ft Arrow x 33.5 ins. wide for performance; basic Duralite $2,500.00 or Kevlar $3,400.00

16ft 2ins Quetico ,a small compact, light weight flat water canoe in 49 lbs in Duralite $2,400.00, 42 lbs in Kevlar $3.400.00 or lighter Carbon $4,100.00

Quetico in standard Dualite layup 49 lbs, with optional black anodized aluminum gunwales

15ft 6ins Scout with extra rocker for whitewater runs: 49 lbs in Duralite $2,500.00, in Kevlar 42 lbs $3,400.00 or Heavy Duty Duratuff $2,700.00

Hellman Scout – light weight whitewater canoe ideal for day trips on class 2 and 3 rapids

18ft 6ins Cruiser a family canoe for flat water tripping and camping; 62 lbs in Duralite $2,900.00, 52 lbs. in Kevlar for $3,800.00

16ft 6ins Kootenay a family canoes for flat water tripping and camping 56 lbs. in Duralite $2,600.00, 49 lbs. in Kevlar $3,500.00 or lighter Carbon $4,200.00

15ft 6ins Solitude Solo flatwater 44 lbs in Duralite $2,300.00, 38 lbs in Kavlar $3,000.00 in lighter Carbon $4,100.00

14ft Purcell Solo 44 lbs in Duralite $2,3300.00, in Kevlar $3,000.00,. Carbon $4,000.00

10ft 6ins Hellman Otter, a white water playboat in Duratuff $2,100.00 Note: outfitting extra

If you are planning to purchase a canoe this year, call David at Middleton’s and plan early while deliveries are weeks instead of months waiting. Contact David at 604-240-0503 voice or text...or e-mail: < david@middletonsboats.com > Prices are FOB North Vancouver. We pay the shipping from the Nelson factory. Taxes extra. Pricing are subject o change without notice.