Hellman canoes; known for their lightweight & excellent performance for those frequent paddlers who demand something special…

We just made a November delivery of a Special order: a Hellman Quetico 16ft 2ins Kevlar hull with pink gelcoat and embedded silver sparkles. Basic weight 42lbs (19kg) plus skid plates (1-1/2lbs. or 0.7kg ) . Our customer was happy to be able to carry it herself.



The Quetico modern design of this canoe allows it to track incredibly well, making a keel unnecessary. This Quetico has very little rocker, a flatter bottom design, and very little upsweep at the bow and stern. 

Dimensions:Boat Weight:Depth:
Length: 16′ 2 / 4.92mDuralite: 50 lbs / 22.7 kgBow: 17″ / 43.18 cm
Rocker: 1″ / 2.54 cmKevlar: 42 lbs / 19 kgCenter: 13″ / 33.02 cm

Hellman Prospector 17ft 6ins

In the basic Duralite layup the Prospector 17ft 6ins is one of Hellman’s most popular models, ideally suited to long multiday tripping. The Duralite layup weighs les than 60lbs and is equipped with a standard flat wooden carry yoke and a pair of wood-web seats. At little extra cost you may order black anodized aluminum gunwales, thwarts and handles or wooden thwarts and handles. We often suggest factory installedKevlar skid plates which save the bow and stern stems from wear that often occurs when running up on the beach or hitting a submerged rock. The ordering, you may select any of the following hull colours: Red, Green,Yellow,,Sand or White..Other special colours are available at additional cost. Our prices are quoted as landed in North Vancouver from Nelson
Prospector 17'6"
a fast, long distance tripping canoe

Prospector 17’6″ taking lessons with Beaver Canoe Club ‘s Basic Paddlers Course on

Deer Lake, Burnaby.