We offer Clipper Canoes

Looking for a good new fibreglass or Kevlar Canoe this season?

contact David Middleton, cell 604-240-0503 or

email: david@middletonsboats.com

Good used canoes are hard to find: CONSIDER THIS SOLO:

Mohawk Probe 12-II Royalex white-water solo -good condition with foam saddle + D-ring anchors $995.00
Werner white water. "Luna". canoe paddle -plastic blade with carbon shaft

Werner LUNA new white-water paddle w/carbon shaft -we cut to size $75

Consider a Clipper Canoe. We offer the Prospector 16 and 17ft for the adventurous paddler who plans trips on flat or moving water; The Clipper Ranger 16 ($1770.00) or 17 ft $1945.00 for flat water ( lakes & sea & slow rivers). The entry level yet good for family, a solid fibreglass Yukon 16ft8 ins @ $1790.00 landed at our place in North Vancouver.

Clipper Prospector 17 ready to paddle the Harrison River to Kilby Park
Clipper Ranger 17 with Black aluminum gunwales & trim. Wood web seats or yoke optional

Clipper Prospector 16 basic f/g includes wood-web seats and carry yoke., with hull colours; red, avocado green, yellow, sand (beige) or white …. Paddle it tandem or solo. $2,200.00 F/g

This season demand is high and deliveries are later than usual. Call DAVID FOR MORE INFO. If you order from Middleton’s, we will include painters ( 3/8″ diameter braided float rope ) free and delivery to your address in the Lower Mainland, west of Abbotsford. We are located in North Vancouver. ……..….Call 604-240-0503.……………………. Prices and options upon request.

Clipper Propector 17 fitted with standard wood-web seats , flat yoke, optional vinyl gunwale cover foam core bottom (saves 10 lbs) and North Water knee pads glued in position.

Clipper Canoe Specifications:

Model……. length…width…….bow / stern ht…centre …..layup….wt

Prospector 16……15’9″ ….35″…. 21″..21″…..15″…f/g..70 lbs Kevlar 56 lbs .

Prospector 17……17’2″…..36″…..21″./.21″….15″….f/g.. 74 lbs Kevlar 62 lbs

.Ranger 16……….. 15’10″….35″…..19″./19″…13″…f/g..68lbs Kevlar 54 lbs

Ranger 17………..17’0″ … 36″…20″….20″..14″…..f/g..72lbs Kevlar 58 lbs

Yukon 16’8……….16’8″…..36″….20″/.20″.14″. f/g.. 70lbs Fm Core 62

Clipper 16’8″ Yukon -available in white, colour option extra.

Call for additional options or details

Popular Options:

Flat wooden yoke (in place of alum thwart; Rangers & Yukon ) $55. . Black Anodized Aluminum gunwales & thwarts $140, Vinyl gunwale cover insalled when canoe is built $50 of Wood-web seats in lieu of bucket seats (Rangers & Yukon )$70, 3rd Wood-web 36″ wide seat mounted on angles $109, Foam core bottom in f/g layup $300, Skid plates (bang plates) Kevlar, not gelcoated $185

How to choose a model….

Tripping on lakes and moving water? …think of a Prospector.
Short day lake trips with a compact canoe ? ..Ranger 16. Moving water..Prospector 16 Longer trips or 3rd person ? Ranger 17. Best price for good no frills canoe ? Yukon 16’8″

When ordering, you can be creative to make your canoe fit your needs or preferences………… I will be pleased to talk to you about it.. It is a long term purchase, so pick options that make them special for you.

Quessy Canoe Paddles

Otter tail…………………………..Mainline Ash-Spruce……………….Promo Aspen

Ottertail is a long, narrow paddle designed for multi or all day paddling. The narrow blade requires less effort on each stoke and saves muscle fatigue. We recommend the one piece Cherry wood as the best hardwood species for light weight , yet strong and flexible. Available lengths in 3 inch increments from 54 to 63 inches………………………….. $82.95

Beavertail Mainline Ash-Spruce is our most popular multi-purpose paddle, with laminated Ash and Spruce 7″ blade., with resin tip. Available from 51 ,54,57,60 and 63 inch lengths made in Canada… $56.95

Our Promo Aspen Beaver tail is a light-weight entry level all purpose flat water paddle. Available lengths from 48, 51,54, and 57 inches….. $29.95

Hellman canoes; known for their lightweight & excellent performance for those frequent paddlers who demand something special…

We just made a November delivery of a Special order: a Hellman Quetico 16ft 2ins Kevlar hull with pink gelcoat and embedded silver sparkles. Basic weight 42lbs (19kg) plus skid plates (1-1/2lbs. or 0.7kg ) . Our customer was happy to be able to carry it herself.



The Quetico modern design of this canoe allows it to track incredibly well, making a keel unnecessary. This Quetico has very little rocker, a flatter bottom design, and very little upsweep at the bow and stern. 

Dimensions:Boat Weight:Depth:
Length: 16′ 2 / 4.92mDuralite: 50 lbs / 22.7 kgBow: 17″ / 43.18 cm
Rocker: 1″ / 2.54 cmKevlar: 42 lbs / 19 kgCenter: 13″ / 33.02 cm

Canoe & Kayak Rentals , by the day

We have a small fleet of different models of mostly 17ft flat water canoes and sea kayaks. Due the recent high demand, we suggest you plan ahead and you may reserve a boat or 2 one or several weeks ahead, in order to have a suitable model.

Clipper Ranger 17ft Fibreglass

Our canoes consist of Clipper Ranger 17’s, Clipper Prospector 17ft 2ins, Hellman Prospectors 17ft6ins, Old Town Discovery series 169 ( length 16ft 9ins ), Hellman Quetico 16ft2 ins (only 49lbs !) and white water models from Esquif Prospecteurs 16 Royalex outfitted with floatation bags.

Our 2021 Rental Rates: Flat Water 1 day (minimum) $58.00, 2 days $90.00, 3 days $120.00, 4 days $150.00, 5 days $180.00, 6 days $ 210.00, 7 days $230.00 White Water canoes include 3 floatation bags, helmets, large throw rope bag, 3 paddles per canoe ,PFDs (life vests ), bailer , painters (float rope) and tie-downs for your vehicle. Please no pickup trucks unless you have a frame or cap to carry canoes or kayaks horizontally. White water rental rates, subject to qualified paddlers’ skills are: 1 day (minimum) $80.00, 2 days $140.00, 3 days $180.00, 4 days $210.00, 5 days $240.00, 7 days $320.00 …………………..Taxes extra.

Sea kayaks: We have only 2 Boréal Design fibreglass singles; 1 -16ft Norwhal 24″ wide and 1-17ft Alvik, 23 ” wide, both having 2 hatches each and rudders.

Our 3 double sea kayaks are Nimbus 18ft 3 ins x 28 inches wide low volume Kanaka Kevlar (weight 69 lbs ! ) one Nimbus Hyak 19ft 2 inches fibreglass, larger volume, 2 hatches and Nimbus Seafarer 20ft fibreglass, 2 dry hatches + rudder. All double rentals are supplied with 3 paddles each, two neoprene spray skirts, PFDs (life vests) regulation rope bags , paddle float and pump, cam straps and foam pads for car roof transportation. we will help you load and show strap down methods.

Our Single’s 2021 Rates are: 1 day minimum $70.00, 2 days $110.00, 3 days $140.00, 4 days $170.00. Taxes extra

Our Doubles 2021 rates are 1. day minimum $90.00, 2 days $150.00, 3 days 180.00, 4 days $210.00, 1 week $320.00. …Taxes extra.

NOTE: For single kayak rental, renter must prove that he or she has taken wet exit recovery training. We reserve the right to refuse rentals to anyone deemed not skilled enough to paddle safely. It is your life and our liability ! You must have appropriate clothing to protect yourself from hyperthermia ! You may contact David by phone, text or e-mail.

Cell…phone or text………. 604-240-0503 ………. <ldavidmiddleton@ gmail.com >


This past summer, our double kayaks went on trips to Telegraph Cove, Granite Falls in Indian Arm , Anvil Island in Howe Sound and up Pitt Lake.


We caution paddlers about extreme wind conditions that are known to occur in Howe Sound, in Pitt Lake, Stave Lake and Harrison Lake. Please, always check the weather forecasts. and when travelling any distance on water, take food , a change of clothes and camping gear to stay overnight in the event of bad weather and high waves


For on water sports and paddling, avoid cotton clothing (it holds moisture), source synthetics or wool. Be sure to have rain gear and windbreakers, hats for sun and rain protection. A change of clothing is important should your regular wear get soaked. Shoes or booties that tolerate being worn in the water. Dry bags; 5, 10 & 20 litre sizes for clothing, sleeping bag and incidentals. Towels, Flash light, hatchet to hammer down tent pegs (extra tent pegs) folding knife to cut rope etc, First Aid kit and sun lotion. Folding shovel for latrine use. Plastic garbage bags to store sleeping bags and for returning garbage to home base. Remember to pack out anything you packed in ! Bring 15m or 30 m of 1/4 inch (6mm) rope to hoist food up into a tree -away from bears and racoons

Quessy wooden canoe paddles

The Ottertail made of Cherry (excellent hardwood choice for paddles) is popular for long distance tripping – long, narrow blade is easier on the shoulders. Suggested retail $82.95 Cdn. We also stock the wider Beavertail blade in Cherry.

Quessy Aspen – entry level paddle-shown with resin tip $34.99 ea sizes 54,57,60 inch

Beaver Tail Spruce Ash. $56.95 ea sizes 54,57,60,63 inch

Grey Owl Scout -lightweight Basswood, square tip with resin $57.00 ea , sizes 51,54,57,60 inch

Grey Owl Voyageur -laminated 7 in square resin tip blade w/cedar, ash, spruce -popular for tripping $85.00 sizes from 52,54,56,58,60,62 in . Due to high demand, some lengths are unavailable during the 2021 season.

Carlisle :-Plastic blade on aluminum shaft- good entry paddle for white-water or hard service -T-Grip $34.95 ea, sizes 51,54,57,60,63 in

Mohawk:- Plastic Blade on larger diameter aluminum shaft + T-Grip – more refined for white-water or hard service. $46.95 ea. sizes 51, 54,57,60,63

Werner Luna :-a quality composite plastic straight blade for SUP or white-water canoeing on a carbon shaft. $173.00 ea . We cut & glue the shaft to your preferred length. Please allow 12 hours for adhesive to cure.

Galasport: SPECIAL: One only white water paddle 8″ wide x 19″ long square tipped blade w/slight curve & aluminum insert in tip, 65inch overall, uncut handle. We will cut and glue factory wooden T grip to your required length. $150.00 Our custom turned Cherry T-grip $35.00 extra

Wood-web bench seats for canoes -bow 7 web 32 in & stern 5 web 27 in. styles – $122.00 pair. This gives you a significant upgrade to replace plastic seats

Wood seat hangers; wooden dowels with 6 in #10 stainless bolts set of 4 for one wood-web seat $30.00/set. Wooden Thwarts -strengthens gunwales, $26.00 ea. We will cut to size. Thwart or yoke bracket kit w/ stainless screws $9.00/kit. We stock stainless steel machine screws, nylo lock nuts and washers, slightly extra

The paddling season is around the corner, so it is a good time to check the condition of your canoe or kayak and be sure paddles, ropes and kayak rudder and deck shock cord (bungies) are in good order. Are the neoprene hatch covers keeping out water ? We can supply nearly all sizes. Just send us a paper pattern for us to match or custom cut.

Canoe painters (3/8″ dia braided float rope )-2 pieces 17′ length…… $15.00/pair……………. Ask for other specified lengths @ $0.45/ft.

North Water Wedge Throw Bag w/ 70′ long x 3/8″dia braided Polypro float rope ..$114.95 .N. Wtr Micro Regulation Throw Line 50′ x 1/4″ Polypro Red (black & Blue by order) $39.95 ..call us for net pricing.@ $0.45 ft.

Our Purpose: To offer support to paddlers whether beginners or longtime participants in Canoe and Kayak paddling activities.

Rentals of different designs of Open Canadian Canoes and single and double sea kayaks. • Sales of Hellman and Clipper canoes •5 Brands of New Canoe paddles • White-water outfitting for canoes • By special order we sell Nimbus Sea Kayaks, built in BC • Safety gear- throw bags – float rope • Repair parts – seats -kayak rudder cable – knee & thigh pads – stainless bolts & screws •A little free advice when requested w/ safety as a priority. The adventure of Exploration but with equipment and know your skill limits. Join others with similar interests in a club or group. Don’t be afraid to say “No” when it is too demanding for you. For more information, contact David Middleton, Principal of this organization. Cell 604-240-0503 voice or text; e-mail:<david@middletonsboats.com> •Hellman Canoes made in Nelson,BC <hellman@hellmancanoes.com

Canoe Accessories

We stock: Wood-web seats for replacement or upgrades to existing canoes; Carry yokes, Thwarts (the cross bar -stock or custom made to order ) , seat hanger kits with bolts, North Water products including Knee pads (closed cell foam ) , wedges, Large & small regulation Rope Bags, 1″ and 2″ D-ring anchors, 3 point Thigh Straps anchors, Thigh Straps and custom made Spray Covers cut and sewn to fit your specific canoe , stainless steel machine screws & nuts, Aluminum 3/16″ and 5/32″ dia. pop-rivets for installing lacing loops for floatation bag tie-downs. ………If you are not sure what you need, contact David by Text or Phone 604-240-0503 or………………………………… e-mail: < david@middletonsboats.com >

Brooks Neoprene Spray Skirts and Breathable Spray Skirts on Sale !

Adjustable Neoprene Adjustable Spray Skirts for SEA KAYAKS- Sale Price $114.95

Breathable Spray Skirt by Brooks Reg. $145.00
Sale Priced $114.95 while stock lasts.

Brooks Quality Touring Neoprene Spray Skirt. Sizes XS to XXL, Waist XS-to XL
Our Regular price $135.00. Will deliver in North & West Van, Vancouver, & Burnaby

We offer Neoprene Kayak Hatch Covers, made to order . You supply a paper pattern outline of hatch cover coaming or make and model of your sea kayak…….$49.00 each.

Nylon Cockpit Covers sizes #1 to #5 …………………………………………………$39.00 each