Our Purpose: To offer support to paddlers whether beginners or longtime participants in Canoe and Kayak paddling activities.

Rentals of different designs of Open Canadian Canoes and single and double sea kayaks. • Sales of Hellman and Clipper canoes •5 Brands of New Canoe paddles • White-water outfitting for canoes • By special order we sell Nimbus Sea Kayaks, built in BC • Safety gear- throw bags – float rope • Repair parts – seats -kayak rudder cable – knee & thigh pads – stainless bolts & screws •A little free advice when requested w/ safety as a priority. The adventure of Exploration but with equipment and know your skill limits. Join others with similar interests in a club or group. Don’t be afraid to say “No” when it is too demanding for you. For more information, contact David Middleton, Principal of this organization. Cell 604-240-0503 voice or text; e-mail:<david@middletonsboats.com> •Hellman Canoes made in Nelson,BC <hellman@hellmancanoes.com

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