Hellman canoes, recognized for lightweight and strength

Hellman Prospector 17ft 6ins; Duralite™  layup, red hull w/black aluminum gunwales, wooden thwarts and flat  carry yoke. Beam (width) 34 inches. Weighs 56lbs. We just received a new Prospector 17ft 6ins (July 11th, 2018) ready for any buyer looking for a good touring/tripping canoe. It is a Red Duralite, with black aluminum gunwales, wooden thwarts and handles. Call, text or e-mail for details.  252 West 5th Street  North Vancouver, BC V7M 1K1

This is a fast, multi-day tripping canoe with some rocker. It can be used on class 1 rapids. Optional layups include lighter weight Kevlar™ ($500.00 extra ) and heavy service Duratuff ($150.00 extra). You may order a colour, such as red, green ,blue,yellow,beige or white. Wood-web seats are standard, but tractor seats are available. As shown below, wood gunwales and deck is an option for  $400.00 extra

2018 Prices:  Duralite™ $2200.00 plus options,…….. Duratuff™ $2350.00 ……………….. Kevlar™ $2750.00

New orders and rental available from Middletons Specialty Boats, 252 West 5th Street, North Vancouver, BC – contact David @ 604-240-0503


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