Quessy wooden canoe paddles

The Ottertail made of Cherry (excellent hardwood choice for paddles) is popular for long distance tripping – long, narrow blade is easier on the shoulders. Suggested retail $82.95 Cdn. We also stock the wider Beavertail blade in Cherry.

Quessy Aspen – entry level paddle-shown with resin tip $34.99 ea sizes 54,57,60 inch

Beaver Tail Spruce Ash. $56.95 ea sizes 54,57,60,63 inch

Grey Owl Scout -lightweight Basswood, square tip with resin $57.00 ea , sizes 51,54,57,60 inch

Grey Owl Voyageur -laminated 7 in square resin tip blade w/cedar, ash, spruce -popular for tripping $85.00 sizes from 52,54,56,58,60,62 in . Due to high demand, some lengths are unavailable during the 2021 season.

Carlisle :-Plastic blade on aluminum shaft- good entry paddle for white-water or hard service -T-Grip $34.95 ea, sizes 51,54,57,60,63 in

Mohawk:- Plastic Blade on larger diameter aluminum shaft + T-Grip – more refined for white-water or hard service. $46.95 ea. sizes 51, 54,57,60,63

Werner Luna :-a quality composite plastic straight blade for SUP or white-water canoeing on a carbon shaft. $173.00 ea . We cut & glue the shaft to your preferred length. Please allow 12 hours for adhesive to cure.

Galasport: SPECIAL: One only white water paddle 8″ wide x 19″ long square tipped blade w/slight curve & aluminum insert in tip, 65inch overall, uncut handle. We will cut and glue factory wooden T grip to your required length. $150.00 Our custom turned Cherry T-grip $35.00 extra

Wood-web bench seats for canoes -bow 7 web 32 in & stern 5 web 27 in. styles – $122.00 pair. This gives you a significant upgrade to replace plastic seats

Wood seat hangers; wooden dowels with 6 in #10 stainless bolts set of 4 for one wood-web seat $30.00/set. Wooden Thwarts -strengthens gunwales, $26.00 ea. We will cut to size. Thwart or yoke bracket kit w/ stainless screws $9.00/kit. We stock stainless steel machine screws, nylo lock nuts and washers, slightly extra

The paddling season is around the corner, so it is a good time to check the condition of your canoe or kayak and be sure paddles, ropes and kayak rudder and deck shock cord (bungies) are in good order. Are the neoprene hatch covers keeping out water ? We can supply nearly all sizes. Just send us a paper pattern for us to match or custom cut.

Canoe painters (3/8″ dia braided float rope )-2 pieces 17′ length…… $15.00/pair……………. Ask for other specified lengths @ $0.45/ft.

North Water Wedge Throw Bag w/ 70′ long x 3/8″dia braided Polypro float rope ..$114.95 .N. Wtr Micro Regulation Throw Line 50′ x 1/4″ Polypro Red (black & Blue by order) $39.95 ..call us for net pricing.@ $0.45 ft.

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